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Post Kidney Transplant Management services offered in El Paso, TX

If you need a kidney transplant to treat kidney failure, you can expect to need ongoing care to prevent post-surgical complications. At Sun City Kidney, PA, Rey Rosario, MD, helps you recover from surgery without complications. Through the available post-kidney transplant management services, Dr. Rosario focuses on lowering your risk for infection, rejection, and other post-surgical issues. To schedule a post-kidney transplant management appointment, call the office in El Paso, Texas, today or book an appointment online. 

Post Kidney Transplant Management Q&A

What is post-kidney transplant management?

A kidney transplant is a surgical procedure to remove a damaged kidney and replace it with a donor organ. You might need this type of surgery if you have kidney failure and your kidneys can no longer filter waste from your blood efficiently.

Following a kidney transplant, you need continued medical care and supervision to lower your risk for post-surgical complications that can jeopardize the function of your new kidney.

What are common post-kidney transplant complications?

Rejection is the most common post-surgical complication. When you receive a new kidney, your body may try to protect itself and trigger your immune system to attack the new kidney.

Acute rejection typically occurs during the first year after your transplant surgery. Chronic rejection occurs gradually over time.

Another post-surgical concern after a kidney transplant is infection. Because you need to take medications that suppress your immune system, your body can’t protect itself from infection as well as it should.

Some people are also at increased risk of developing diabetes. Even if you don’t have a history of diabetes, you can develop the disease after transplant surgery. Your risk for diabetes after a kidney transplant increases if you’re obese or have a family history of diabetes.

What is involved in post-kidney transplant management?

Your Sun City Kidney, PA provider prescribes anti-rejection medications to lower your risk of rejection after a kidney transplant. These medications decrease your immune system response to the transplanted kidney.

You must take the medication as directed. Once rejection begins, it may not be treatable. The medical team monitors your anti-rejection medications and may request regular bloodwork to identify early warning signs of complications.

To prevent infections, be sure to isolate yourself from people with colds, flu, and other illnesses. You may also need to receive updates for certain vaccinations and follow good personal hygiene recommendations to keep yourself healthy.

The kidney specialists at Sun City Kidney, PA also monitor your blood sugar levels during follow-up visits to identify early warning signs of diabetes. If you develop the disease, the team can help you manage it with lifestyle and diet changes and medications.

To learn more about the benefits of post-kidney transplant management, call Sun City Kidney, PA today or book an appointment online.