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Hypertension Management

Hypertension Management services offered in El Paso, TX

Nearly half of American adults have hypertension (high blood pressure) and are at increased risk for chronic kidney disease and other health complications. At Sun City Kidney, PA, Rey Rosario, MD, provides complete hypertension management services to get your blood pressure under control. Dr. Rosario customizes a treatment plan using lifestyle changes, diet improvements, and medications to help you live a longer, healthier life. Call the office in El Paso, Texas, today to schedule a hypertension management appointment or book a consultation online.

Hypertension Management Q&A

What is hypertension management?

Your blood pressure is a measurement of the force of your blood against the walls of your blood vessels.

When the pressure is too high (hypertension) for too long, it can damage the vessels and increase your risk for long-term health complications. In fact, hypertension is the leading cause of chronic kidney disease and kidney failure.

To get your blood pressure under control and lower your risk for kidney disease and other health complications, Sun City Kidney, PA offers hypertension management services. 

Through these services, the medical team personalizes a care plan to address your hypertension and its underlying causes to protect your overall health.

Am I a candidate for hypertension management services?

You can have hypertension for years without knowing it because the condition doesn’t always cause noticeable symptoms. A simple blood pressure screening can provide valuable information about your health and your risk for kidney disease. 

You should have blood pressure checks at least once a year during your annual physical. If you have risk factors for hypertension, such as a family history of the condition or excessive stress, you should get a blood pressure screening more often.

You may be a candidate for the hypertension management services available at Sun City Kidney, PA if you have hypertension that you can’t control with medications, lifestyle changes, and diet modifications.

You might also need the services if hypertension is already causing dysfunction or damage in your kidneys.

What is involved in hypertension management?

Your hypertension management plan depends on how high your blood pressure is, your kidney function, and your overall health. In the early stages of hypertension, you may be able to lower your blood pressure naturally through diet changes and regular physical activity.

The team can also provide resources to help you quit smoking, lose weight, and better manage stress to keep your blood pressure levels healthy.

If you have uncontrolled hypertension, your provider might prescribe medications to relax your blood vessels so blood can flow more efficiently. You might also need medications to remove more fluids from your blood to prevent kidney damage.

When hypertension causes severe kidney damage, you might need dialysis or other kidney treatments.

To schedule a hypertension management consultation, call Sun City Kidney, PA today or book an appointment online.